Building Post 007

         “Inspiration & Urgency”

I attended the Pop-up Worship Service on May 28th located on the green just outside the entrance to Ashley Ridge High School.  It was so great to see my AR family and actually be Together in the same worship space, but was struck by the thick yellow CAUTION tape strung across the three main double door entrances to the school.  It looked surreal, and to tell you the truth, a little like a crime scene (all collateral damage from the coronavirus pandemic).

I came away inspired from the Pop-up service with a renewed “sense of urgency”for our For SVL Building Project.  Ashley Ridge Church has set in motion the plan that will lead to construction of the new facility in Summer Corner over the next two years, and recommend we proceed as expeditiously and responsibly as possible.

According to the plan, there will be a series of fundraising initiatives over the course of the next two years necessary to make the new AR building a reality.  It will not be easy, but, the reward will be so worth it when we walk into the new facility for the first time and worship Together and begin using a space that grows our ability to be FOR the Summerville community.

With “inspiration”in our quest and a renewed“sense of urgency,” let us as a congregation not hesitate to ask what we can do or continue to do in support of this amazing ministry.  If you would like to make a contribution to the Building Surge,you can do so via the church website ( and click on Give.

Derrick Horres, Project Leader

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