Building Update 009

    June 22                           Building Update 009

      “The Dream Factory”

Pastor Jenn, Matt Halter and I had the opportunity on June 4th to meet with Trident Construction, our General Contractor (GC) for the For SVL Building Project.  We came away so impressed with the level of expertise, experience and accomplishment of this great company over its almost 40-year run.

It was clear to me that the leaders at Trident not only wanted our business of building the future home of Ashley Ridge Church, but that they were just as committed, dedicated and enthusiastic about the project as we were.  As we all sat together (socially distanced) in their spacious conference room, we discussed the building project and the first steps of getting it off the ground – another piece of the For SVL Building Project puzzle in place!

As we left, we walked by beautiful pictures of past Trident projects, which were proudly displayed on the walls.  Each project was an architectural masterpiece of beauty and design and a dream come true for some business, developer or organization. I thought to myself, one day, the new Ashley Ridge Church could be featured on that hallway wall and Trident Construction is just the company to help us make it happen.  Trident Construction is “the dream Factory” of construction projects, and our dream is now their dream too!

                                                                                    Derrick Horres, Project Leader

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