Building Update 011

 July 16                                                                             Building Update 011

        “Exciting News”

I have some “Exciting News”that I just couldn’t wait to share with you on our Building Surge!  We are now officially over 90K in contributions received!  This is up $5,371.25 for July 1-12th.  I can’t tell you how encouraged I am to see these kinds of numbers being generated in the midst of a pandemic and financial crisis!  Your generosity and dedication are truly amazing and inspiring!

Also, with regards to the General Fund, we are 6K over budget for the first half of 2020. Another sign the Stretch in Regular Giving is having its desired effect.  We did dip below the monthly budgeted 50K mark in contributions for June which came in at approximately 43K but overall still up for the year.  This is sooooo important for the For SVL Building Project to keep the Operating Account healthy for long term financial stability.

Thanks to all our difference makers who so generously give of their time, energy, talent and financial resources!  Thanks to you, we continue to move forward with serving the Summerville community and the building process!

If you would like to make a contribution to the General Fund or Building Surgeyou can do so via the church website and click on Give.

                                                                                    Derrick Horres, Project Leader

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