Building Update 019

   August 27                  Building Update 019

       “EquipLABS – Summary”

Now that the 2 day on-site design lab is over, Jonathan Edens and his team of architects are working at their office in Greenville, SC for a 2-3 week design period.  At the conclusion, there will be a virtual review process with Ashley Ridge Church and Trident Construction (GC) after which the final deliverables will be given to the church.

The deliverables due from Equip Studio are as follows:

  • Preliminary cost analysis
  • Conceptual Phase 01 floor plan (rendered)
  • Masterplan (rendered)

EquipLABS has been a major leap forward for the building project.  It has not only produced an excitingly viable concept and design within or very close to project budget parameters but has projected growth and future building phases already incorporated into the Masterplan.

Several important time sensitive tasks have come from discussions with the Equip Studio architects and Trident Construction Company representatives:

  • civil engineering work will need to commence on the land as soon as possible to determine soil composition, fill (dirt) requirements, water and sewer routes and location of retention ponds
  • the church will need to continue adding money to its contingency (reserve) fund in preparation for bank financing application requirements
  • fundraising efforts will need to continue to pay-off existing land loan balance via Building Surge contributions
  • Regular Giving will need to increase to create sufficient working capital from margin in the Operating Account to pay civil engineering costs and other building related expenses

If you would like to make a contribution to the General Fund or Building Surgeyou can do so here.

Derrick Horres, Project Leader

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