Building Update 055 – BIG Announcements

         June 29                  Building Update 055   

           “BIG Announcements”

Sunday was a pivotal day of “BIG Annoucements,” and it did not disappoint!  We were expecting BIG news on the building project as this was well advertised in advance with building updates, over social media and a Pastor Jenn video.  And, we got it!!!  But, the building project would have to wait for two other important “BIG Announcements” which were not anticipated nor expected.

BIG Announcement #1.  The Food Truck is hitting the road again on July 16th with serving hot meals to the community on Friday and Saturdays.  Yes!!!  The Food Truck was sidelined for over a year due to the pandemic but is getting back into action.  There will be a work day on Sat. July 10th at the church office 9-12 Noon.

BIG Announcement #2.  The Ashley Ridge Worship team is releasing four new albums between July and early next year.  Say what???  The albums are all recorded and produced “in house” including Mixing & Mastering.  The first is being released as early as mid July.  There will even be a Christmas album this year!  Joy!!!  Stay tuned for more news from James Galloway on this exciting multi-volume project!

BIG Announcement #3“We’re Moving!”   What???  When???  Where???  After several months of back and forth negotiations with Lennar, Ashley Ridge Church has sent a Letter of Intent to the developer and agreed to swap the 10 acres of church property on Summers Drive with 10 acres of land located adjacent to Ashley Ridge High School.  This is contingent upon a ratified Purchase and Sale Agreement (PSA) and a 60 day Due Diligence period.

Also, the church has agreed to purchasing 2 additional acres at $60K per acre for a total of 12 acres.  The new property off Delemar Highway (Hwy. 165) will be the future home base for Ashley Ridge Church in Summers Corner and the Summerville community.   More to come on this dramatic development!

If you didn’t make it Sunday in-person and did not watch on-line, I encourage you to catch the Family Meeting, Part 2 and all the thrilling “BIG Announcements” via the church YouTube channel or website.

If you would like to make a contribution to the General Fund or Building Fund, you can do so here.

Derrick Horres, AR Building Project Leader

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