Building Update 064 – Move the Chains!

 October 23               Building Update 064   

           “Move the Chains!”

Hope everyone is enjoying the football season so far because we’ve got a real nail- biter on our hands right here at Ashley Ridge Church!  I sense this one is going right down to the wire and the last play!

We are into the fourth quarter and time is starting to become a critical factor in our ability to raise $100K for the Building Fund and make comparables (comps) in 2021.  BUT, with the clock ticking, AR just made a big 1st down this week with the Pre-construction Push & Comp Countdown, so “Move the Chains!”

Coach Jenn and Offensive Coordinator Reuber have a sound “back to basics” game plan for the rest of the year.  Keep the ball on the ground (no fumbles) and grind-out yardage towards the goal line.  AR has a tough offensive line, opening up holes and wearing down the defense.  Go team go!!!

I will send-out another Special Edition ***Results Update ALERT*** on Monday with the complete “stats” for the previous week but wanted to give you the latest giving totals as of October 21st @ 7:57 am from Assistant Coach Reuber.

Pre-construction Push:  $14,665

Comp Countdown:  $548,514

General Fund (MTD):  $32,810

OK, AR team, let’s stay healthy and remember, we are making hard-fought gains toward our goal of a permanent home base but still have a ways to march down the field.  SO, let’s keep chewing-up that yardage, getting those 1st downs and remember the old phrase; “it ain’t over till it’s over!”

NOTE:  American baseball legend Yogi Berra first uttered the phrase about baseball’s 1973 National League pennant race. His team was a long way behind when he said it and they did eventually rally to win the division title.

 “All the way to $100K!!!

If you would like to make a contribution to the Building Fund for Pre-construction expenses, you can do so here.

Derrick Horres, AR Sports Writer & Team Promoter

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