Building Update 065, Push and Comp

October 30                Building Update 065   

              “Push & Comp”

If you remember back in 2020, it was the Surge & Stretch which allowed Ashley Ridge Church to pay-off the remaining loan balance on the 10 acres of land on Summers Drive, establish a Reserve Fund and pay the EquipLabs fee.  In 2021, it’s the “Push & Comp” which will help enable Ashley Ridge Church to move forward with the building project in 2022.

These are not just “catchy” slogans intended to raise money for Ashley Ridge Church.  They are planned, targeted and focused efforts to accomplish specific (key) goals which move the building project forward.

A successful “Push” will provide $100K of critical funding for pre-construction expenses i.e. civil engineering Schematic Design (SD) and architectural fees.  And, making “Comp” in 2021 will allow Ashley Ridge Church to maximize what it can borrow from a local bank for the construction loan in 2022.

These two fundraising efforts are intertwined in that any contribution(s) to the Building Fund, and/or General Fund, will assist AR in making comp this year as it increases the overall contributions received.  In 2020, contributions totaled a record $811,475. To top that mark is a pretty tall order, but we can still accomplish this by the end of year with your continued and generous support.

To see how we are doing with the Pre-construction “Push & Comp” Countdown and General Fund MTD giving received as of October 29th, please see below:        

Pre-construction Push:  $26,834

Comp Countdown:  $567,311

General Fund (MTD):  $39,438

NOTE:  Look for ***Results Update ALERTs*** to be posted periodically to the Building Update website or sent-out via email, so you can track the “Push & Comp” progress toward a successful conclusion in 2021.

If you would like to make a contribution to the “Push” via Building Fund for Pre-construction expenses and/or the “Comp” Countdown (Building Fund or General Fund), you can do so here.

Derrick Horres, AR Building Team Leader

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