Building Update 069 – Last Push for 2021

December 22               Building Update 069   

         “Last Push for 2021”

Project Update.  First, a quick glance on where we are with the swap agreement: As of last Friday, the agreement has been signed by Ashley Ridge Church and has been sent to Lennar for their signature.  This means the 60-day Investigative Period commonly known as due diligence on the new building site next to ARHS will begin as soon as the signed agreement is received back.

The AR Building Team is coordinating the due diligence effort with Equip Studio (architectural firm), Cypress Engineering (civil engineer) and Trident Construction, General Contractor (GC).  The goal for 2022 is to get “a shovel in the ground, which means breaking ground on the new Ashley Ridge Church campus!

Financial Update.   AR continues to make steady progress and gains with its 2021 financial goals of 1) raising funds internally for the building project via the Christmas Offering which currently stands at $10,651 in contributions received and 2) making comp in 2021.  In fact, AR has received $709,881 YTD in total contributions as of December 20th and is only $101,594 away from matching last year’s incredible record of $811,475.

We have 10 days left in the year to bridge the gap between our 2021 and 2020 total income.  If we don’t “make comp” in 2021, we need to get as close as possible to qualify for the construction loan in the amount required to complete the building project.  SO, I am asking for your help!

We can do this with a surge of giving via the Christmas Offering and End-of-the-Year gifts.  All contributions toward our 2021 financial goals are important and will be much appreciated!!!

If you would like to make a contribution to the Christmas Offering for Building Fund expenses and/or making comp in 2021 with an End of the Year gift via Building Fund or General Fund, you can do so here.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR GENEROUS SUPPORT!!!                                                                                                 

Derrick Horres, AR Building Team Leader

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