Building Update 071-General Fund Success

I really wasn’t planning on doing another building update this year.  But, when I received the latest giving numbers from our fearless Finance Team Leader, Garrett Reuber, this morning, I thought I would jump-on and share some really great news which should not be overlooked!


With the latest internal reports, AR is only $8,189 away from making comp with General Fund giving in 2021.  General Fund giving in 2020 alone totaled a record $598,906 and this year General Fund giving currently stands at $590,717.  This is great news and is important for many reasons but the most important being; General Fund contributions are what fund the Ashley Ridge Church Operating Budget.


In addition, when General Fund contributions exceed Operating Expenses, it creates savings which can be used in the building effort.  When General Fund contributions exceed the Operating Budget, it creates margin!


SO, while we may not match 2020 in overall giving, we have a real shot at making comp and even exceeding 2020 in General Fund giving.  In the remaining hours of this year, if we could concentrate our efforts on contributions to the General Fund, we could hand Ashley Ridge Church a major financial success in 2021 which would go a long way to helping secure that pesky construction loan in 2022!


NOTE:   Even at this late hour in the year, AR continues to make gritty progress and chip away at its 2021 financial goals of 1) raising funds internally for the building project via the Christmas Offeringwhich now stands at $17,370 in contributions received and 2) making comp in 2021 with End-of Year gifts.  In fact, AR has received $733,817 YTD in total contributions & earnings as of December 30th and is only $77,658 away from matching last year’s incredible record of $811,475.


In the few remaining hours of 2021, if you would like to make an End of the Year gift to the General Fund via online, you can do so by visiting the church website and click on Give.




Derrick Horres, AR Building Team Leader

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