Building Update 087 – “Are you ready to get your feet wet?”

Building Update 087, September  20, 2022

“Are you ready to get your feet wet?”

How about the Family Meeting this past Sunday?! Great job Pastor Jenn & Staff in conveying all the incredible details & features of the newly updated building floor plan and site plan. The breakfast following the worship service was awesome as well. I had one of the sausage biscuits from the Food Truck, and it was yummy!!!

The question on the table is, Are you ready to get your feet wet?” Here we go!   It’s time to jump-in with both feet. Our goal is to raise $2,000,000 internally over the next two years for our building project. In order to meet this challenge, maximum participation is essential. We are praying for 100% engagement!!!

AR will be financing the building project in two ways over the next two years (see below):

1)  One-time contributions and/or recurring contributions made to Ashley Ridge Church 

2)  Construction loan provided by a local bank or lending institution

Please prayerfully consider what you can do to assist Ashley Ridge Church in accomplishing its goal of creating a permanent home base in the Summerville community. 

 NOTECommitment Sunday is this Sunday, September 25th, and we will all be able to turn our cards in at that time. You can also fill-out your NOW. HERE. Commitment Card on-line.

Financial Report.  The giving numbers YTD (as of September 16th) are looking positive going into Commitment Sunday this weekend with contributions now at 72.1% of Comp.* 

*This means AR is only $209,418 away from exceeding last year’s giving number with 3 1/2 months to go in 2022, and only $271,122 from being able to exceed the 2020 all-time giving record of $811,475 in total annual contributions.

This is all wonderful news because we are going to need to stay well ahead of the power curve with regards to financing the building project and the more we can raise internally the better off we will be.

In fact, wouldn’t it be great if we could self-finance most of the building project cost and not have to depend as much on a construction loan!  It is possible with everyone’s participation!

Derrick Horres                                                                                

AR Building Project Leader

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