Building Update 093 – “All I Want for Christmas”

Building Update 093

“All I Want For Christmas!”

 December 30, 2022

CHRISTMAS MORNING 2022:  It’s Christmas Day, and I am sitting here just thinking about Christmas, and what it means to me (Wasn’t going to write a building update today but something inside says sit down and start typing).  And, I am thinking about all those that haven’t come to know Jesus, and what they are missing.  The feeling of peace, love, joy and security of having a personal Savior wraps around me like a warm blanket on a very cold day.  It’s just the best feeling I could have right now at this very moment!  It’s perfect!

I will be the first to admit I have been VERY BLESSED!  God has been SO good to me and my family and to be able to give back is an honor and privilege that I do not take for granted.  With so much need out there it’s overwhelming at times, and it can be easy for me to become desensitized and distracted to the needs of others located all around me.  I think I need to do more!

On this Christmas Day 2022 as I contemplate, “What do I really want for Christmas this year, next year and the year after?”  It’s an easy answer, a home base for Ashley Ridge Church.  Not just a building on a piece of land but a place where people will come and feel safe – a sanctuary from the world and for the world; where others can and will get to know Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior.  That’s it, “All I what for Christmas!”

We have made a lot of plans to break ground on the AR home base in 2023 and begin land preparation & sitework, but as the Building Project Team Leader, I can tell you we still have some major work to do on financing the project.  The increase in margin from the 100 commitments received to date for the NOW. HERE. Capital Campaign will help, the Construction Loan will help and the current level of contributions to the Building Fund will help, but all those taken together will not get us all the way down the road and close the funding gap.

While AR has set a new annual giving record in 2022 with contributions totaling $822,938 YTD (as of December 26th) and that should be celebrated, inflation is also still surging the price of building material & labor. The cost per square foot for new construction has risen dramatically in the past three years from $225 per sqft to over $325+ per sqft!  And, Land Preparation & Sitework has risen from $250K per acre to over $350K per acre!

There is a hard reality before us which will need to be overcome in 2023 to make the AR home base a reality.  I pray for guidance and wisdom for me and the Building Team, so we can overcome the financing challenges before us, and I ask you be in prayer for the Building Team and the Building Project that we will have the perseverance & endurance to see the project through to completion.  There are so many out there we may not even know that are depending on us!

AR has overcome so many of the building project’s logistical challenges to date it would take too much time and space to even make a list of them.  But, the financing of the building project will be the toughest “nut to crack.”  It’s the long pole in the tent!  But, when we do finally “crack” that seemingly impenetrable nut, it will mean a permanent “home base” for Ashley Ridge Church in the Summerville Community.   And, that is worth all the hard work, effort and financial sacrifice to make it happen!

Financial Report.  Wanted to also give everyone a quick almost end of year financial report on where we currently stand.  As of December 26th, the Christmas Offering has received $31,019Giving has totaled $110,871 MTD making this the second best month on record just behind the $120,621 received earlier this year in May.  I believe we still have a shot at breaking this record!

To put AR in the best possible position moving forward into the 2023, a surge of End-Of-Year (EOY) giving would also really help replenish our Building Fund.  The next phase of Land Preparation & Sitework will be VERY expensive and the more we can pay upfront the better off we will be moving forward with the project in 2023.  Any EOY contribution received will help and be greatly appreciated!!!

If you would like to make a Christmas Offering, End-Of-Year gift or fill-out a NOW. HERE.Commitment Card, you can do so on-line via the church website:

Derrick Horres                                                                                

AR Building Project Leader

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