Building Update 128

May 16, 2024

Project Update: The next Major Construction Milestone of “Sitework & Utilities” has begun!” In-fact, the Grubbing (the initial step of clearing the land of vegetation & pulling stumps is almost complete – meaning the Sitework (moving dirt) will begin in earnest in June (if not before).

Sitework involves a host of important tasks and is absolutely critical in providing a solid foundation from which to build (see Sitework Tasks below):

Clearing & Grubbing – initial step to remove vegetation from the working site

Excavating – removing excess dirt/rocks & digging retention pond

Tying to Utilities – integrating sewer, water, gas & electricity to the site

Leveling – moving the dirt around to the right spots

Stabilizing – preparing the soil

The Sitework Tasks are expected to last 2-3 months depending upon weather conditions and will probably take most of the summer to complete. BUT, once it’s done, it will be time for the next subsequent Major Construction Milestone of Vertical Construction in the fall! Yay! How long have we waited for this!!!

Financial Report: I promised you a financial report in my last update, so I wanted to bring everyone up to speed on how we are doing so far in 2024. I am happy to report that Ashley Ridge Church has received $480,591 YTD in total giving and is averaging $106,798 per month. This is a great start and the best we have ever had! Also, the church has received several more new commitments which now total 80 for $906,335.57 Pledged! This will help generate much needed “Matching Funds” each month for the construction loan via margin & One Time Gifts (OTGs) as we work our way through the 18 Month Construction Period.

NOTE: The plan is to continue receiving new Commitments and additional One Time Gifts (OTGs) at each of the Major Construction Milestones throughout Construction Period. Your Commitments & OTGs are so greatly appreciated!!! If you would like to make a contribution to the Building Fund or General Fund or fill-out a new Commitment Card, you can do so on-line via the church website:

Derrick Horres

AR Building Project Leader

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