Building Update 129: A Flurry of Activity

May 24, 2024

Project Update: There has been “A Flurry of Activity” on the building front this week! The Clearing & Grubbing of the land is complete! Yay! Also, we have paid the Water & Sewer Service Connection (Tap) & Impacts fees in the amounts of $12,175 and $18,715.54 respectively for a total of $30,890.54. This clears the way for approval of the actual building plans. Double yay! These are all major steps on the journey to a completed and permanent Ashley Ridge Church home base! Everything is moving full steam ahead! Also, we will be having two major events on the land this summer, so stay tuned for all the latest times, dates & details!

If you would like to make a contribution to the Building Fund or General Fund or fill-out a new Commitment Card, you can do so on-line via the church website:

Derrick Horres

AR Building Project Leader

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