Building Update 96 – “Check in the Box”

“Check in the Box!!!”

March 24, 2023


Closing on the Land – As you probably may have already heard, AR closed on the land (12 acre parcel next to ARHS) on Friday, March 10th! Yay!!!! This has been a long time coming, but we now officially own the land and can put that “Check in the Box!” Double yay!!! Also, we received the address (for what will be the new Ashley Ridge Church facility & campus) from Dorchester County P & Z (see below):

9815 Delemar Highway Summerville, SC 29485

There is more exciting news in that we received the signed Easement Agreement back from DCSD-2 for utility access! That’s another BIG “Check in the Box!” SO, what this all means is things are really hopping with regards to the building project! And, we are gaining valuable momentum and getting one step closer to a completed ARC facility & campus with each new “Check in the Box!” Go AR!!!

Next Steps – Due to the high cost of building material & labor (not to mention still rising interest rates) and to make sure we are receiving the best value for our money and being good stewards of church funds, the Building Team has put the ARC Phase 1 Building Project out for competitive bid. This means we will be receiving Pricing (bids) from at least three different local, established General Contractors (GCs).

NOTE: The deadline for AR to receive Pricing (bids) back is Friday, March 31st! More on this to come!!! SO, stay tuned!!!

Building Fund – With closing costs, architect fees and ongoing civil engineering & permitting, AR has been spending a great deal of its accumulated Building Funds and is in need of replenishment! So far, the building project has been self- financed by your generous contributions to Ashley Ridge Church! SO, like I said earlier, with each “Check in the Box,” AR gets a little closer to a completed new facility & campus! All contributions will be greatly appreciated!!!

If you would like to help replenish the Building Fund by putting a “Check in the Box,” you can do so Sunday during worship or by giving on-line via the church website:

Derrick Horres

AR Building Project Leader

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