Building Update 022 – So Much Progress!

   September 25                Building Update 022

                “Progress Report”

There is soooo much going on which I need to tell you about; I decided to do a special building update to coincide with the start of the “40-Day Push to Burn the Note” which runs September 16th – October 25th.  So, in reference to all that is happening on the building front, I am naming this update:  “Progress Report”

  1. Concept & Design. Pastor Jenn, the AR Staff and I had our last full Zoom video conference with the architects on September 14th to iron-out remaining details and specs for the new building design started during the EquipLABS session back in August.  It went very well, and Equip Studio has made the final changes and adjustments this past week.  On Tuesday, we received the final deliverables.  That’s right! We will be able to show you the new Ashley Ridge Church facility (Floor Plan and Masterplan) very soon!  Can’t wait!
  2. The survey work being performed by Parking Land Surveying, LLC was completed last week. This means we have the topographic survey, tree survey, and water and sewer surveys on the building site in Summers Corner.
  3. Land Loan. Starting September 16th through October 25th, is the 40-Day Push to Burn the Note.  You will hear more about this from Pastor Jenn, but I can tell you this “it is the BIG push to pay-off the remaining balance on the land loan.”  Paying for the land will give us initial equity in the building project and clear the way for bank financing early next year.  We can get this done – TOGETHER!
  4. Civil Engineering.On Thursday, September 17th, we had our initial civil engineering meeting with Trident Construction (GC) and Cypress Engineering at the Church Office. I can’t overstate how important the civil engineering piece is to the building project as it is this scope of work which leads directly to receiving the required land preparation and construction permits.  Cypress will start with schematic design along with geotechnical survey and soil borings.


As you can see from all the above, there is A LOT of progress being made with regards to the building effort, and we really need your support during this critical phase. Whatever you can contribute to the General Fund and/or 40-Day Push to Burn the Note via the Building Surge will be very much appreciated!!!

If you would like to make a contribution to the General Fund or Building Surgeyou can do so here.

Derrick Horres, Project Leader

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