Building Update 012

   July 20                                                       Building Update 012

        “Summer Surge”

I think we are starting to see the beginning of a “Summer Surge” with respect to contributions to the General Fund and Building Surge!  If this turns out to be the case, it would be “fantastic” news for the For SVL Building Project, and I will tell you why:  Since all Building Surge contributions go to paying for the land first and foremost (which will take longer in the current economic climate), the funds necessary to pay critical, time sensitive land preparation expenses over the next 2-4 months will need to come from additional contributions to the General Fund.  This is only possible with your generous contributions beyond Regular Giving thereby creating margin in the Operating Account.

Using the margin in the Operating Account was always a part of the building financing plan, but there needs to be sufficient funds available to cover the actual cost of the expenses so as not to put undue pressure on the Operating Budget.  Successfully using margin in the Operating Account to pay critical, time sensitive land preparation expenses will accomplish two things:  1) allow the building process to move expeditiously forward and 2) keep the build timeline intact

The three land preparation/building expenses that will need to be paid using Operating Fund margin are as follows:

  • Parker Land Surveying, LLC    $12,200
  • Equip Studio/EquipLABS fee $18,450
  • Civil Engineering Services (TBD)

So, bottom line, we need your continued support with contributions to the General Fund and Building Surge  to move forward with the building process and keep the Operating Account healthy.  If you would like to make a contribution to the General Fund or Building Surgeyou can do so via the church website and click on Give.

                                                                                    Derrick Horres, Project Leader

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