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Building Update 016

August 24                  Building Update 016

                  “Game Plan”

At last night’s virtual Family Meeting, Pastor Jenn laid out the “Game Plan” for getting us over the building project hump.  If you did not catch the Family Meeting last night, I encourage you to do so.  The meeting is available on YouTube and it will also be re-broadcast every night this week at 8pm on

The plan has two main tasks which need to be accomplished 1) paying for the land in Summers Corner on or before September 30thand 2) starting the civil engineering phase of the building process as soon as possible to allow for the long lead time in permitting.  Both these time sensitive, key tasks will help clear the way for construction of the new AR facility in early 2021.

Paying for the land. To pay-off the 167K loan balance on the land in a little over 5 weeks is a tall order but not an impossible one. Yesterday, Pastor Jenn talked about how nothing is impossible with the Spirit of God. We can get this done if we do it – Together!  Many have already given generously to the Building Surge and for that we are truly grateful.  All we can ask is that everyone that is connected to Ashley Ridge Church pray about what roll each may have in accomplishing this principle and paramount task.  All contributions to the Building Surge go first and foremost to paying for the land.

Starting the Civil Engineering.  To start the civil engineering work on the land in the next few weeks is also a tall order as it will need to be funded by margin in the Operating Account.  So far, we are using margin in the Operating Account to pay for survey work and the EquipLABS fee.  To use the Operating Account for the civil engineering work also, will require continued margin creation by your generous contributions to the General Fund above and beyond Regular Giving.  All margin over the monthly budgeted 50K amount can be used for building expenses.

Summary. This is a “Battle Stations” all hands on deck moment in the life of Ashley Ridge Church!  Any and all support (financial and otherwise) given to the successful execution and conclusion of the “Game Plan” and accomplishment of these two principle tasks, will be much appreciated, and I personally, as the Project Leader, will be most thankful!

If you would like to make a contribution to the General Fund or Building Surgeyou can do so here.

Derrick Horres, Project Leader


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