Building Update 029 – Deep Dive (Land)

    October 20               Building Update 029

                “Deep Dive (Land)”

I would like to focus our attention on a “Deep Dive”of the land in Summers Corner with special attention to the land preparation aspect, and how this could affect the project timeline and budget.  The 10 acres of land was originally purchased by Ashley Ridge Church from MWV-East Edisto Summers Corner, LLC on October 30, 2017 for a sales price of $450,000.

In just three short years, Ashley Ridge Church is now in striking distance of not only paying-off the land loan but also moving forward with the building process such that last Thursday, Cypress Engineering was given the go ahead to perform the initial civil engineering (schematic design) on the land.  At the same time, Trident Construction (GC) was authorized to engage Terracon Consultants, Inc. for the geotechnical study and soil borings.

These next two critical steps (taken in conjunction) will help answer the following remaining “BIG” questions with regards to land preparation, project timeline and budget:

1)  What is the composition and quality of the soil across the Phase I and Phase II building site, and can it be excavated and used for fill at other locations on the property?

2)  What will be the fill (dirt) requirements for the building pad and subsequent parking lot, outdoor worship space and food truck pavilion? 

3)  How will the results of the schematic design and geotechnical study affect the location and placement of the building, retaining pond(s), etc. on site as rendered by Equip Studio in the Phase I and Phase II Masterplan?

4)  What will be the required floor elevation as determined by local, county, state and federal building codes?

5) What routes will the utilities need to take in bringing water, sewer and electrical service to the property, and what special considerations may be needed with respect to utility easements? 

6)  How will the results of the schematic design and geotechnical study impact the cost and timeframe of land preparation, vertical construction and the building project in general?

NOTE:  All the above important questions and more should be answered in the next 4-6 weeks by the scope of work currently being performed on the property.

This is an exciting time for the church as the farther and farther we travel down the building project road, the closer and closer we get in experiencing the reality of the new Ashley Ridge Church facility in Summers Corner!

If you would like to make a contribution to the General Fund or Building Surgeyou can do so here.


Derrick Horres, Project Leader



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