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Building Update 042 – Barnburner

        February 5                 Building Update 042   

                “Barnburner, Folks!”

If you think Super Bowl LV is going to be thrilling on Sunday, we have our own “Barnburner” right here in Summerville, SC!  The exciting, riveting competition is between Ashley Ridge Church and the Summers Corner Land Loan.  This intense rivalry has been heating up over the past year and has recently reached a fever pitch.  Momentum has swung back and forth over the years with Ashley Ridge seizing the initiative in the fourth quarter with a couple big plays for huge chunks of yardage (see BU 039 entitled “1st and Goal”).

Here are the stats as of Thursday, February 4th.  Ashley Ridge Church has a current balance in its Building Fund of $1,346.47 which can be sent against the Summers Corner Land Loan defense with a current principle balance of $22,530.71.  Once these offensive funds are applied to the loan, AR will be only


 away from a big score and subsequent pay-off!  Are you ready to seal the deal with a BIG “W” for Ashley Ridge Church?

Also, if you were listening to the LIVE LOBBY pregame on Sunday, you heard Coach Jenn, speaking with AR Offensive Coordinator Reuber.  Coach Jenn addressed the really anticipated questions on everyone’s mind of just how the church should celebrate the big win and how the mortgage on the Summers Corner Land would be retired i.e. filed, shredded, cut-up or burned?

Coach Jenn emphatically replied she wanted to see “fire” in reference to Burning the Mortgage.  Coach Reuber seized on the historical significance of the moment and responded with his own version of:  “FIRE! FIRE!”  (In reference to the scene in the movie, Castaway, where Tom Hanks creates fire for the first time after many, many laborious attempts without the use of artificial means)

Well, there you have it Folks! with all the latest scoop and stats from the big game.  The stage is set for what appears to be a down to the wire finish in February!  Stay tuned for further weekly updates you just do not want to miss!

If you would like to help the AR team get a BIG “W” by making a contribution to the General Fund or Building Fund, you can do so here.

Derrick Horres, AR Building Project Leader & Sports Writer

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