Building Update 072 – “The 2021 Big Finish”

January 12               Building Update 072   

              “The Big Finish”

2021 will be known for “the big finish” but more on that in a skinny minute!  We want 2022 to be known for the year Ashley Ridge Church gets the proverbial “shovel in the ground!”  This means breaking ground (for land preparation) on the new church campus next to Ashley Ridge High School this year.  How exciting is that?!

Speaking about exciting, how about “the big finish” in December? If you were there in-person at the Christmas Eve Candlelight service you know what I am talking about!  The outdoor service on the lawn at Summers Corner was at near maximum capacity with attendance estimated at 1,000 people!

The church also had a BIG finish with regards to the Christmas Offering and End-of-Year giving such that contributions for the month of December totaled a whopping $100,264!  This was broken down into $23,121 Christmas Offering, $16,323 Building Fund and $60,818 General Fund.  Way to finish strong, Ashley Ridge!!!

The 4th Qtr. of 2021 was absolutely incredible with contributions totaling a record $248,507 alone!  This all bodes well for the building project in 2022, but this is no time to get overly confident or take our pack off as AR still has some major financial hurdles before our Financial Team Leader, Garrett Reuber, goes to the bank for the construction loan later this year.

Tasks that need to be accomplished before applying for the construction loan:  1) continue to build financial reserves & contingency funds required for loan application approval 2) mount Three-Year Capital Campaign in the 2nd Qtr. for purposes of creating working capital for producing building plans & construction documents and 3) leverage capital campaign commitments for desired loan amount approval outcome needed to complete the building project – Phase 1 (more on all this from Pastor Jenn).

As far as the swap agreement, Ashley Ridge Church has signed the agreement and is waiting to receive it back from Lennar after the holiday break.  The Building Team is already moving forward by gearing-up for the start of the “due diligence’ period.  Once the completed Topographical & Tree Survey is received from Lennar, Equip Studio (architectural firm) will produce the final site plan.

As you can tell, A LOT is happening on the building front, and it is about to get much busier!  Ashley Ridge Church continues to grind-out “hard fought” progress toward its goal of creating a permanent home base for its ministry, and it’s all because of your dedication and commitment, and clearly the ongoing faithfulness of God in this process!  As the Building Project Leader, I can begin to see the light at the end of tunnel, and it’s getting brighter & closer than ever before!

If you would like to make a contribution to the Building Fund for Pre-construction expenses or the General Fund for Operating expenses, you can do so here.

Derrick Horres, AR Building Project Leader

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