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Building Update 074 – A New Season

February 19              Building Update 074   

             “A New Season”

Wanted to jump on this morning and give you a quick but exciting update on the building project.  Back on September 28th of last year, I wrote a building update entitled “A Time of Sowing” with the following short excerpt provided below:

“This all brings me to this point with regards to Ashley Ridge Church and the Building Project that we are in a time of sowing and breaking up our uncultivated ground.  This is necessary before we can reap the harvest and the end result of an Ashley Ridge Church having an amazing permanent home base in Summers Corner.”                                  -excerpt BU 061 dated September 28, 2021

For the last 2 ½ years since I started working on the building project, I believe we as a church have been breaking up our uncultivated ground.  BUT, I also believe that is all in the past, and we are transitioning into a new phase and A New Season.  A New Season where we get to execute and not just plan and get to clear land and build not just see the concept on paper or a computer screen.

Last week, we received the Topographic & Tree Survey from Lennar which has enabled us to move forward on several fronts from civil engineering to finalizing the architectural design.  We also have a site visit scheduled this Tuesday, February 22nd with Cypress Engineering and Trident Construction (General Contractor) to view and walk the property next to Ashley Ridge High School.

While there will be more planning and more fundraising before we see the completed Ashley Ridge Church permanent home base, I am thankful for A New Season where we get to execute concrete steps toward our ultimate goal!

Financial ReportI am also grateful for your generous support which has enabled us to start 2022 on the fast track toward meeting our building project financial goals.   As of February 16th, YTD giving numbers are as follows:

Building Fund  $7,342.21 + General Fund  $90,951.84  =  $98,294.05  TOTAL

If you would like to make a contribution to the Building Fund for construction costs or the General Fund for operating expenses, you can do so here                                                                                                          

Derrick Horres, AR Building Project Leader

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