Building Update 101 – Summer of Liquidity

Building Update 101 – Summer of Liquidity

 June 22, 2023

Yesterday was the first official day of summer – yay! What do your summer plans include? As a church, our summer plans include increasing our financial liquidity in preparation to receive construction loan approval and build our new permanent home base.

We are working diligently to secure the necessary financing to move forward with the building project!  AND, we need your help – BIG time!  The bank financing needs to be in place for Equip Studio to complete our construction plans, and to begin site work on our Phase 1 facility as soon as possible!

To that end, we need to move the proverbial needle this summer (between now and the end of August). Specifically, we are moving the needle to increase Liquidity by:

                1)  Increasing our Reserve Fund by $100K

                2)  Increasing our financial margin to pay ongoing Building Project expenses in addition to meeting our operational budget

                3)  Encouraging everyone to fill-out a NOW.HERE. Capital Campaign Commitment Card 

In the real estate world you hear it’s all about, Location!  Location!  Location!  In the financial world right now it’s all about, Liquidity!  Liquidity!  Liquidity! SO, please give as you are able over the summer to help us accomplish the above important financial goals.  We can do this, Ashley Ridge!

You can make a contribution to help us qualify for the Construction Loan here.

Derrick Horres

AR Building Project Leader

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