Building Update 109

Project Notes: Ashley Ridge Church “fam” I was thinking about Pastor Jenn’s message last week on generosity (& money), and how we are building for the future. We are getting sooooo close to breaking ground on the new AR permanent home base! I can picture it all: the heavy equipment rolling-in from Trident Construction and removing the tree stumps and clearing the land. Survey stakes marking where the building will sit, and dump trucks hauling in fresh dirt for the building pad” Yes, it’s getting real after so much time & energy expended paying-off the land, negotiating contracts & utility easements, securing a construction loan and planning & executing internal fundraising efforts. As we prepare for Commitment Sunday, I am thinking we would not have made it this far without your continued generosity! While we still have challenges ahead, I can honestly say that the Ashley Ridge Church congregation are some of the most dedicated people I have ever come across and am so thankful we are in this great task together!

-Derrick Horres, Building Project Leader


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